Name:Terminal Pin Installing Auto- Semi auto - Full auto
Name:Electrofusion fitting terminal pin installing tool
Display:LCD Touch
Terminal pin cap:2Pcs
Manual pin presser:Available
Full auto pin installing machine:Customized

We Provide Manual , Semi-auto, Full auto terminal pin installing devices for electrofusion fittings production !

Automatic terminal pin installing machine is developed for electrofusion fitting terminals.

The patented spinning head automatically realizes the fast screwing and crimping of the copper terminal

and the resistance wire, and simultaneously completes the detection of the resistance wire resistance of the pipe fitting.


(1) Strong compatibility. The eq
uipment is suitable for electrofusion pipe fittings of various specifications and shapes;
(2) Multifunctional.
Resistance wire winding, copper terminal crimping and resistance measurement are completed at the same time;
(3) High efficiency. Double indenter, double station design, speed ≥10 pieces/min, can greatly replace labor;
(4) Scalable. With the support of the unified database, stations can be added, and customized stations such as marking,

automatic sorting and packaging of pipe fittings can be connected.

Pin installing machine Assembly/testing parameters
Wire thread1-N circle can be set by softwareSpeed of precession motor80r/min
Cylinder pressure15kgPin vibration plate4Set
Resistance detection accuracy0.5%FS.Resistance resolution1mΩ
Device parameters
Input voltage220 V ACRated power1KW
Positioning accuracy±0.1mmFitting angle90°~ 180°
LCD Parameter7Inc, 800*480, 16BitCommunication InterfaceCAN /USB

Automatic terminal pin installing machine Fig as follow :