Chengdu PASIC Machinery Co., Ltd.

Chengdu PASIC Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that specializes in R & D electrofusion pipe fittings wire laying machine and electrofusion fitting moulds. 
Since its establishment in 2010, the company has been committed to the design and development of CNC electrofusion pipe fitting wiring machines, fittings mould, and pipe fitting joint welding processes. The equipment and molds for this post-wiring process have been used in many well-known domestic gas, It is used by water supply and gas pipeline companies and exported to foreign companies such as South Korea, Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan etc.

The traditional production process of electrofusion pipe fittings is to wind the heating wire on the core sleeve of the mold, and then complete the injection molding. In this way, the investment in equipment and molds is large, the production efficiency is low, the labor intensity of the operators is high, and the inner hole size and ovality of the injection molded electrofusion pipe fittings and the heating wire in the pipe fittings cannot be well controlled. The post-wiring electrofusion pipe fitting process separates the injection molding pipe fittings and the winding process. The pipe fittings are injected first and then the wiring is performed. The wiring is controlled by CNC, which solves the shortcomings in the traditional production process.

Our company provides a complete set of construction and technical services required for the production of electrofusion pipe fittings in the post-wiring process: dn20-1400 specification wiring machine; various specifications and models of electrofusion pipe fitting injection molds and pipe fitting welding technical guidance.

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