Name:CANEX 24 Bit barcode software for electrofusion fiting
Barcode generator:Welding barcode & Trace barcode
Welding barcode standard:ISO
Trace barcode standard:ISO
Data input and output:Available
Software language:Chinese , English

CANEX 24 Bit barcode software for electrofusion fiting. 

The BARCODE function coding conform to ISO (traceability code), 

and ISO (fitting welding barcode).

24-bit PE welding barcode software-PE welding barcode generator

The work of barcode encoding for welding of PE electrofusion pipe fittings is coded according to specific standards, 

and the number of pipe fittings reaches as many as thousands. This software was written according to the coding rules.

Through this software, barcodes for fully automatic welding can be generated. At present, almost all electrofusion 

pipe fittings in foreign countries are affixed with welding bar codes.

Very professional knowledge and understanding of the welding parameters of pipe fittings, 

only need to directly use the scanning gun of the electrofusion welder to scan the barcode, and then automatic welding can be realized.

Greatly reduce operating requirements and save labor costs.


CANEX Electrofusion fitting welding barcode generator 

CANEX Electrofusion Fitting Trace Barcode Generator 

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| 24PE电熔管件焊接条码软件-PE 焊接条码生成器

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