Name:PD250 -PAD Wire Winding Machine
Model:PD250 -PAD Wire Winding Machine

PD250 -PAD Wire Winding Machine

The saddle gasket wiring machine is a device developed for small diameter saddle pass and saddle bypass.

On the injection molded saddle gasket, the copper wire is implanted on the surface of the gasket through the saddle gasket wiring machine.

The implanted saddle-shaped gasket is placed in the mold for two-shot injection to obtain the saddle-shaped pipe.

Equipment production capacity:

PD-250 saddle-shaped gasket has a wiring function, the thickness is greater than 2mm, and the circular diameter is not greater than 250mm.

A heating wire is implanted on the gasket within a square 200mm*200mm.

Please contact our company for detailed equipment model, configuration and parameters!

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