Suitable for:Tapping tee, branch saddle lay wire
Branch pipe size:110-315

AWSP-110/315ZF Saddle Wire Laying Machine

For tapping saddle & branch saddle wire laying production. 

Model as follow : 

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Machine fig

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Saddle-shaped wiring machine is successfully developed by our company in 2017 for products with branch pipes greater than 110.

This equipment abandons the previous process of using injection-molded gaskets for winding and then placing the gaskets in the 

mold for secondary injection molding. Instead, the saddle-shaped pipe body is first injected.

The saddle is milled to the design size of the pipe fitting by arc surface milling of the saddle wiring machine, and the heating wire is directly implanted on the re-milled arc surface to obtain the integral saddle-shaped electrofusion pipe fittings

Our company own the independent development intellectual property rights of the data module programming software and equipment

(ZL 2018 2 1572531.8 "A kind of electrio fusion saddle pipe fitting curved surface wiring machine")

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Features of rear wiring saddle fittings (CNC Saddle wire laying machine):

1. This kind of processing technology makes electrofusion saddle-shaped pipe fittings, no need to wind the metal resistance wire on the thin-walled gasket, and then place it in the injection mold for secondary injection.

Only one injection molding is required to obtain an integral saddle-shaped pipe blank, which simplifies the existing process flow and improves the production efficiency of the product.

2. This kind of processing technology produces saddle pipe fittings, the saddle-shaped arc diameter is accurate, the arc surface is smooth, and the product is one-time injection molding.

The integral electro fusion saddle-shaped pipe fitting without the hot and cold melting interface caused by two injection molding improves the product quality and is beneficial to the quality of the electric fusion welding of the pipeline system.

3. The product wiring is controlled by a CNC numerical control system. In the production of products of the same specification, the length of the metal resistance wire is the same,  and the resistance is uniform.

4. It is convenient to adjust the production process of electrofusion fittings, using CNC parameterized control.

5. The copper wires embedded in the pipe fittings are implanted under room temp. The implanted copper wires are not subject to any tension force, and the copper wires are not easy to fall off (warped wire).


1. On the arc surface of the saddle pipe fitting, the arc surface of the saddle pipe fitting can be cut to the required size by means of mechanical hob cutting;

2. Implant heating copper wire into the cut arc surface;

3. Reshape the inner surface of the fitting with the heating copper wire implanted.

The production process is completed in one clamping of the wiring machine.

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